Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Time to catch up.

I am so far behind with this blog I am ashamed to say but I am back here to make make up some time. I'll try and keep the next few posts short as I can so I can catch up to where I am with the build.

Moving on past the window I started marking and putting up battens around the next wall. As I have been buying timber in 2.6 metre lengths I needed to bring the supports for the next section closer so as to span it. I used the same box sections as I did everywhere else in both corners with a leg for support.

The first support on the next wall I secured between two bookcases. Once this was done I could then hang the long shelves between the corner units.
Then once I was happy with the position of the first shelf I hung the top two making sure they were narrower so viewing of the bottom shelf wouldn't be compromised. I then put the angles in at the corners.

I then moved to the next wall and put up the battens again. This is the wall where the bookcases are and I put a support for the bottom shelf between each one for the stability of the shelf but mainly for the stability of the bookcases as had to remove the tops of them so I would be able to get under the lower shelf for wiring. The main upright support for all three shelves at the far end I attached to the outside of the far right bookcase.

At this point I used the same box units as everywhere else only a lot narrower to span the window. The upper two I used smaller sections of timber. The result does brutalise the window somewhat, but this is now well and truly a model railway layout room and not somewhere to put flowers on the window cill and stare out into the garden :0)

I've since painted the outside facing and underneath of the window sections in a dark brown paint as they were very obvious from the outside. This has made them very much disappear.

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