Saturday, 22 February 2014

Big boys don't cry but they do have tiers.

I'm on the verge of going out and getting more wood for the build, so before I do I better get this blog up to date.
After the uprights were secure I installed battens to support joists for the 2nd and 3rd tiers.
These are as level and as balanced as I could get them as they are for the most part, making sure the joists are level. I then marked out and cut the Gussets for the joist support out of quarter inch plywood. 12 for the main joists and 4 shorter ones for the end of peninsula support. All my cutting has been done on my Black and Decker Workmate in the garage as to keep the dust down in the room and rest of the house. 
Each gusset was glued, clamped in place and screwed.

At this point I needed a reminder that all this work is ultimately for N scale Trains so I had an evening of laying out some track and putting some trains down to get a sense of space and size.

After each joist was cut to it's own correct length, it was glued, clamped, levelled and screwed into position. most of the main joists are supports for both sides of the upper decks so are very well balanced.

Then came time for the end of the peninsula. As these joists were not being balanced on the other side I had to make sure they were supported adequately. This lead me to the double joist arrangement. Two gussets plus screws though the last joist gave plenty of strength to both cantilevered lash up.

At this point I was out of wood and money. Time to plan my next stage and save some pennies.
I will end this post again reiterating how much fun this build has been so far. The results on first glance seem complicated, but as this is my first ever carpentry project of any kind I am having to keep it simple as I hope you can see. My only regret is that I hadn't done years ago. 
The signs are good and my benchwork so far, point to a happy man.


  1. Good to see more of the build in the levels and that the structure looks rock solid. And especially the top layer ;)

  2. Looking good, mister. And I like your use of the word 'gusset'.

    (For some reason, this is posting as my cat, not me. Dan.)

  3. I wish I had smellavision. I bet all of that wood smells really nice. Great benchwork. I look forward to seeing the progress in the future......

  4. You need to get to a point where you can run a train on "up to now"; that way the pain of waiting for the next phase will be lessened. Just don't have so much fun running that you do no more building!