Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hello? Is this mic working?

Testing, testing one, two ,three.
Throwing myself into the unknown here. It came to me this morning that perhaps I should start a blog about my model railway that i will be starting when we move to our new house in late August 2013.
After 50 years I thought it was about time. It has been a fantasy of mine since I was about five years old and now it's time to get my feet, well and truly wet.
When we moved here to Swindon in May 2012 I started planning, purchasing rolling stock and structures to put together something small. Small didn't last long. The choice of N gauge wasn't difficult  as I could fit more into a small space. Keeping the plan small was the difficult part. I have a very understanding wife who has been open to my growing enthusiasm and has let me have free reign in the room I currently have. She has just landed herself a very nice new job in Chester and now we are moving. We have found a house that has a room just for me a my railway and now I can go forward with my  plans, only bigger.
Moving has one down side. I have to leave my part time job in my local model railway shop. I ended up spending so much time there i got to know the owner very well and he asked if I would look after his shop when he went off to run his stand at shows and exhibitions as the chap that was doing it had to stop to look after his wife. I jumped at the chance and have loved every minute of it. Meeting lots of modellers and just being totally immersed in model railways. Being paid in rolling stock helped.
Over the last year I have also been listening to model rail radio. This has been a total revelation to me.
I have always read the model rail magazines over the years, but this is so much more real. It's like having friends round everyday just talking about Model railways. Link this with my iPhone and I can take these guys with me anywhere I go. I started at the beginning and worked my way to the latest episodes. In fact I have now started again from the beginning and am currently back up to episode Thirty Nine. It's also like Model Railway University. The depth and breath of the content is just incredible. Highly recommended to anyone interested in model railways.
This was supposed to be a brief post but I seemed to have rambled a bit. I'll try a focus a bit more in future, which may or may not work :0)